The Island Innovation Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy is accepting applications until June 30th

The Island Innovation Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy is accepting applications until June 30th. Don’t miss the date! Apply here:

Throughout the course, you will be able to acquire the right knowledge, cultivate a network of like-minded peers, and interact to accelerate action taking your vision and work to the next level. Moreover, the top 5 participants will be able to travel to the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) as part of a fully-funded on-site learning experience in Dubai, broadening the reach and impact of your conversations for a positive Caribbean future.

Why is this program important for the Caribbean?

The Caribbean region faces many challenges related to climate change and its impacts, including rising sea levels, increased frequency and intensity of storms and hurricanes, coastal erosion, and loss of biodiversity. These impacts disproportionately affect vulnerable populations, including low-income communities, women, LGBTQ+, children, disabled, and Indigenous Peoples, who may have limited resources and specific challenges when adapting and coping with these changes.

Climate justice advocates in the Caribbean campaign for a more equitable distribution of climate finance and technology transfer to support the region’s transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. This includes efforts to address systemic inequalities and social injustices that exacerbate climate vulnerability, such as poverty, gender inequality, and land tenure issues.

This program aims to build an inclusive scenario and capacity for young professionals, eligible students, and young community leaders working for a better future for the Caribbean regions, and to enhance the quality of life of its people. Furthermore, by creating a wider network, we will connect the participants to other SIDS climate justice activists and movements that will enable them to expand their future career options and reach.

Learn more about the program today! 

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