10 Content Ideas for Business

    Here is a checklist that will help you write content ideas for your company and will inspire you to create interesting, educational, and engaging blog posts for your business.

    1. Sneak peek – make your clients excited about your new plans! Like, the 2.0 version of products/services, new business partners, etc.
    2. About you – let your clients know about you, what is your history, and your business because while you are growing, you are having a real connection with them.
    3. Promotion – Though you may think that your followers will always be grateful for your freebies, it’s important to remind them occasionally.
    4. Features – one of the best to get more clients is when they see you are being featured or recommended by people.
    5. FAQs – answering frequently asked questions to clear confusion, and client’s concerns before they avail your products/services.
    6. Feedback – sharing your feedback from clients is one of the edges to gain more clients.
    7. Announcements – letting your clients know about new launch products/services, awards, etc.
    8. Fun facts – share the most interesting tidbit about yourself and your business, make it fun and engaging.
    9. Run giveaways – Running a contest is an excellent way to increase your engagement on social media. A popular format is asking people to comment or share a post in order to be eligible for prizes.
    10. Workspace/view – clients want to see what your business looks like so, you could share some pictures/videos.

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