Call To Action-Ideas for any niche

Here are the common CTAs:

-Tag a friend who….

-What is your fave?

-What are your thoughts?

-DM for more info

-Double tap if you agree.

-Share this to spread the word

-Save this for next time you…

CTAs are common yet important elements often left off posts!

Your audience isn’t likely to take action unless you tell them how!

I put CTA’s in 2 categories.

‘Hard’ and ‘Easy’

The easier the call-to-action the more chance they’ll do it!

So we want to use those ‘hard’ CTA’s sparingly and as needed (like on promotional posts)

Hard CTA’s are anything that is asking the viewer to go anywhere else other than scrolling their feed.

Easy CTA’s are anything they can quickly do, then and there right after reading your caption.

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