Colorado Springs, USA Space Foundation 38th Space Symposium

The 38th Space Symposium hosted by the Space Foundation is set to take place from April 17th to 20th, 2023 at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, USA. This international conference serves as a platform for various organizations to showcase and champion new developments in the space industry.

Over the years, the event has attracted high-profile attendees from around the world, including Richard Branson, among others. With over fifteen thousand (15000) attendees at the last event, the conference offers excellent opportunities for networking, career development, and international exchange programs.

The cost of attending the symposium is $4500, which covers visa appointments, hotel accommodations, conference registration, internal flights, and transportation.

In addition, schools are encouraged to send their students, who will have the opportunity to visit BOEING and NASA Space Center, fostering an interest in space and astronomy. The Space Foundation USA is collaborating with the Space Tourism Society Africa to promote space and astronomy in Africa.

Government officials are also encouraged to attend and explore opportunities to promote space tourism in their states. For attendees, visa processing is assured starting in February.

for inquiries please WhatsApp +234 706 368 3222 or +234 703 123 3729

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